Joshua Cline

Programmer, Tutor, Teacher

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I am a home-schooler turned programmer.

I love computers and technology, especially related to security, communication, and making learning fun.

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account_box Orangevale, Califonia, USA
phone +1 916 721 0JCC (0522)
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Web Design

group_work Work Experience

Freelance Tech-Support

Orangevale California 2014 - Present

Everything from physically cleaning a PC to creating websites for businesses.

Teacher (Python Competitive Team)

Orangevale California Springs: 2012 - 2016

I helped teach a team of high school students Python and they went on to win First Place at HP Code Wars 2015.

Volunteer Tech Support

Orangevale Public Library 2015-03-04 - 2016-09-15

Assisting patrons at the library with basic tasks including (but not limited to): Using the Public Acess Computers, Printing, Connecting to Wi-Fi and Downloading E-Books.


Eagle Scout With 64 Merit Badges and 6 Palms

Boy Scouts of America 2013-05-02

I completed my Eagle Scout board of review on 2013-05-02. After earning the highest rank in boy scouts I went on to earn 6 palms less than 0.004% of scouts earn this many palms.

HP CodeWars 1'st Place

HP, Roseville Spring 2015

I taught a fellow highschooler how to code in 2015. In 2016 we won 1'st place at HP code wars.

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Cyceling Blog


Cyceling Blog

This is kind of my personal bolg, I started it for cyceling stuff but so far I have ended up posting more non-cyceling stuff on it.